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Image by Raoul Droog

Tips 4 Transport

These tips will help for a successful transport!

  • Practice carrier training a few days before the flight to get Rescue acclimated to the confined area.

  • Place a small blanket with a familiar smell in the carrier.

  • Provide calming chews or a stronger sedative (if recommended by a Vet).

  • Refrain from feeding any food at least 6 hours before a flight or by 11 PM the night before (if on an early AM flight).

  • Limit water intake before the flight.

  • If you have a long drive to the airport, allow for a potty break before arriving to the terminal.

  • Allow plenty of time to park, go inside the terminal and meet with Flight Angel.

  • Take photos.

  • Be inside the terminal 90 minutes prior to departure.

  • Arrival meeting place will be confirmed in the Transport Group message prior.

  • Please share any special instructions with Admins prior to the day of transport.

  • Please refer to the Supply List for other items necessary for travel.

  • Review our Policies - click HERE

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